In addition to our intravenous therapies, we offer a variety of intramuscular (IM) and subcutaneous (SQ) injections, delivering a concentrated dose of a specific nutrient or blend of nutrients quickly, effectively, and safely. Several of these injections are also made part of our intravenous therapies, as these nutrients are most effective when administered IM or SQ, rather than IV.

These therapies are effective in treating a wide range of symptoms, including depression, fatigue, headaches, migraines, nausea, jetlag, brittle hair and nails, dry skin, immunity, cold/upper respiratory infections, allergies, and fibromyalgia, while aiding in cleansing, detoxification, hangovers, cancer prevention, and heart health. The booster injections we offer include:

  • VITAMIN B12 - Energy
  • VITAMIN C - Immunity
  • VITAMIN D - Overall Health
  • MEGNESIUM - Inflmmation
  • GLUTATHIONE - Antioxidant
  • CQQ10 - Antioxidant
  • LIPO C -Weight Loss
  • CLAM - Mental Support
  • BCAA - Muscle Recovery
  • AMINO ACIDS - Muscle Recovery


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